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New Pit Crew

Pit Bulls in Our Community
    Over 24% of dogs entering shelters in our community are pit bull-type dogs (disproportionately represented to other breeds) and approximately 46% of dogs euthanized in our community are also pit bull-type dogs (disproportionately represented to other breeds.) Pit bulls are over-represented entering shelters, are under-represented in adoptions, and are at greater risk for euthanasia.
An important step in the SPCA's road to a no-kill community is providing extra help to those group of animals most risk of being euthanized.

The Pit Crew
    The Pit Crew, an initiative of the SPCA Behavior Team, is a group of trained Pit Crew Trainingvolunteers working to repair and rebuild the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier in our community. The SPCA of Wake County takes in hundreds of “at risk” Pit Bulls each year who may not otherwise have had much of a shot at happy, long lives.
    The Pit Crew works to improve the dogs’ chances of being adopted. The Pit Crew takes these homeless dogs to weekly specialized obedience classes, on field trips, and to play dates to help them learn excellent manners.
     These dogs also attend a monthly glamour photo shoot (see video below!). The photo shoots are designed to show pit bulls to the general public in a happier, more true-to-life light than they are commonly shown. Our pits learn social skills, patience and self-control as they study for their Canine Good Citizen title. They walk politely on their leashes through the lobby greeting visitors as they arrive, and showing off their newly-learned, crowd-pleasing tricks.
     The Pit Crew’s goal is to help pit bulls in need become the very best pets they can possibly be, and to find permanent, loving, safe homes for them where their training and socialization can continue.

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The SPCA invests $355.00 in each pit bull's behavior training to help them find homes and to create the best possible canine citizens entering our community. Give a gift toward the SPCA's no-kill efforts and help a homeless pit bull in our community!

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Above: Pit Crew photo shoot for the peace march inspired K9-3K Dog Walk.  Below: Check out the Pit Crew glamour photos.

Pit Crew Bianca
Pit Crew Carson
Pit Crew Duke
Pit Crew Frances
 Pit Crew Tonka


Pit Crew Joy
Pit Crew Gracie
Pit Crew Pamela
Pit Crew Parker
Pit Crew Snuggles
Pit Crew Tyson