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A partnership of the SPCA of Wake County and Resources for Seniors

 The SPCA of Wake County and Resources for Seniors are partnering to aid seniors in need. Both the SPCA and Resources for Seniors understand the important role pets play in the lives of older adults. For many seniors, their pets are the only constant companions that they have. For this reason, they will go to great lengths to keep their furry companions by their side; even if this means putting their own health at risk.


"Resources for Seniors knows of situations where seniors have chosen to purchase pet food for their beloved companions rather than purchasing food for themselves or even purchasing their needed medications,"said Kimberly Pate, Resources for Seniors.

The SPCA and Resources for Seniors are joining forces to create a program known as AniMeals. This is a community outreach program that removes the logistical and financial burden of providing a nutritious meal for the beloved pets of senior citizens in need. The SPCA has heard of many situations in which this segment of the community will eat half their meal, and give the other half to their pets. This is both unhealthy for the people and their pets.

Through the AniMeals program, the SPCA will provide a month’s supply of pet food to pet-owning clients of Resources for Seniors. The food will be delivered the third Saturday of each month by both SPCA and Resources for Seniors volunteers.

The SPCA of Wake County and Resources for Seniors understand that pets are priceless family members.  For some seniors, their pets may be one of the only reasons they have to wake up and get out of bed in the morning. 

Research shows that companion animals enhance the lives of senior citizens and the disabled population. Pets are shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve outlook on life.  Many in this population feel more safe and calm with a pet by their side.  During this challenging economic time people are doing all they can to keep their pets by their side. 

To be eligible for the AniMeals program, participants must be clients of Resources for Seniors, facing financial strain and have physical limitations which makes it difficult to leave home, and have no one else to turn to.  

In order to make both the AniMeals program a success, the SPCA of Wake County depends on generous donations of dog and cat food, as well as litter.  This program also depends on dedicated volunteers who are needed to pick-up and deliver pet food to the AniMeals participants.

Help support AniMeals:

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Questions: Contact Darci VanderSlik at dvanderslik@spcawake.org

The SPCA and Resources for Seniors are accepting monetary donations as well as donations of unopened bags of pet food. Donate to the SPCA at www.spcawake.org or call 532-2083. Donate to Resources for Seniors at http://www.resourcesforseniors.com/ or call 872-7933.

Please drop off donated bags of dog and cat food at the loading dock of the
SPCA Pet Adoption Center
200 Petfinder Lane (off Tryon Rd and Hwy. 70)
Raleigh, NC 27603