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NC Map of counties where SPCA Wake is active
Green: High-volume of animals from these counties/heavy use of SPCA’s low-cost spay neuter program. Orange: Puppy mill bust and rescue. Yellow: 14-150 animals taken in or notable sharing of resources with rural rescue partners. If map above is not showing, select this link.

Dear Friend:
    Hi there! My name is Emilio and I want tell you some good news (for a change) about animals here in our North Carolina community. Right now, I’m at the no-kill SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh waiting to be adopted.
    But SPCA Wake wasn't my first stop. I was homeless and hungry when the government-run Wake County Animal Shelter first took me in. That shelter had so many dogs just like me that they called their friends at the SPCA of Wake County to come get me. SPCA Wake took me and other dogs and cats so there would be more room for more animals. I’m happy to be here at the SPCA, and to be alive, and it took the teamwork of both shelters to make that happen!

Did you know?
     The SPCA of Wake County partners with government-run animal shelters and private rescue groups across this region of the state to save animals like me. The SPCA is actively rescuing animals from crowded shelters in 25 counties. See the photo below of some of my friends at the SPCA with me right now who came from other shelters .
    SPCA Wake is a No-Kill animal shelter helping over 17,000 North Carolina pets in need each year. There is so much depressing news out there about animals in our state. But the SPCA of Wake County is a bright spot of hope, working with and actively removing thousands of animals from at-risk situations in shelters across this region of the state. And they are doing it by building bridges and extending offers of help.
      Just yesterday (December 3), SPCA staff traveled to Montgomery County to provide help and take 14 dogs back with them. In fact, you may recognize the dog below on the far right (renamed Quincy) if you saw the WRAL-TV5 news story about how little hope animals in that county have at finding homes.
      On the day the WRAL Investigates team visited in November, animal control officers found a Labrador mix dumped at the shelter with its legs wrapped in duct tape. This is that same dog, here safe with the SPCA. Thanks to a united effort with Montgomery County animal control officers and the Montgomery County Humane Society, the SPCA was able to bring 14 dogs back to SPCA Wake yesterday. Saving these lives requires working together to help animals.

 SPCA Wake actively pulls animals from 25 counties

     Can you believe... SPCA Wake does not get any money that is sent to the ASPCA in New York City? The ASPCA is NOT an umbrella group and these animals like me -- who are saved locally by SPCA Wake -- do not benefit from donations sent out of state to the ASPCA. Also, SPCA Wake receives NO tax dollars. All this hard work and good news is made possible by donations from people who care about animals, like you.

Click here to donate     Shelter animals across the state need your help today. A tax-deductible gift to SPCA Wake makes it possible for them to be a leading force in animal rescue in North Carolina.
    The fact is there are hopeful, happy and uplifting actions being taken every day to help animals. We are making our own good news!
Will you be a part of it? Will you help with a gift today?


PS- Please come by and see me and my friends at the SPCA Wake Open House and Kitten & Puppy Art Show this Friday, December 7. I hope I get adopted before then, but I just might still be here. Look for me ~ I’d love to say "hello" and thank you for saving all our lives.

PSS- Forward this Good News to a Friend!

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